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SAFE Agile Contracts

This week’s Auspicious Agile video blog takes a look at the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach to Agile contracts.  ThisContinue reading “SAFE Agile Contracts”

Nuances for Agile Budgeting

Hi All, This week I would like to revisit Agile budgeting.  In the last Auspicious Agile video blog post weContinue reading “Nuances for Agile Budgeting”

Budgeting for Agile Projects and Initiatives

How do we budget for Agile Projects?  This Auspicious Agile ( video blog entry talks about some techniques that canContinue reading “Budgeting for Agile Projects and Initiatives”

Pointers on Enterprise Agile Transformation

Hi All, This week I want to discuss some pointers to being successful with Enterprise Agile from my experience: ProgramContinue reading “Pointers on Enterprise Agile Transformation”

Are there really no managers in Scrum?

Teaching classes over the past few weeks the question of what role managers have in Scrum has come up severalContinue reading “Are there really no managers in Scrum?”

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