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Recording from October SG SAFe MeetUp

Launch of our Blockchain Betty Crypto Course

February 9th Singapore SAFe MeetUp – Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Finance…

Join our February – SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Class

Auspicious Agile – State of Agile 2020

Growing Wealth Blockchain & Crypto Webinar – Aug 15, 2020

Auspicious Blockchain – Privacy and the Blockchain

Re-sharing “Guide to Distributed Agile Framework”

Auspicious Agile – SAFe 5.0 Business Agility a practitioner’s perspective

Agile, DevOps, and Business Agility Trends 2019 – 2020

Auspicious Agile Has Reached 1000 Subscribers!

Agile Finance Video Blog

Launching Auspicious Blockchain on Vimeo!

Auspicious Blockchain – The Tokenization of Everything

Do Agile and DevOps Work Together? (part 2)

Scaled Agile (SAFe) DevOps

Agile, DevOps and Blockchain Conference Season

Auspicious Agile – Leadership Series Holocracy, Management 3.0, and Sociocracy

Auspicious Agile Blockchain Series ICOs and AirDrops

Our Guide To Distributed Agile Framework eBook has Been Published on Amazon!

Latest Trends in Agile Scaling (SAFe, LESS, SoS) and DevOps

Blockchain Series – What is Cryptocurrency?

Distributed Agile Leadership

Distributed Agile Leadership – On InfoQ

Auspicious Agile Blockchain Series

Auspicious Agile Agile Leadership Series 2018

Agile “Growth” Mindset, Does it Really Matter?

Engineering Culture and Distributed Agile Teams

Kanban Agile Method Update – (Kanban, Agile Scaling and Devops)

Overview of Singapore Global Scrum Gathering 2017

DevOps for Mobile Development

Agile Scaling Round-up


Auspicious Blockchain – Intro to DeFi

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