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Blockchain Offerings

For more information on our FinTech blockchain offerings check out

Our Auspicious Blockchain – ScanPay Africa Crowd Funding platform was featured as part of the recent Wakanda Blockchain and Cryptocurrency MeetUp, video is below:

Check out the Wakanda Blockchain and CryptoCurrency MeetUps if you are interested in Africa / African Diaspora / Friends of Africa and Financial Inclusion for the Developing World. The MeetUp cover may projects, and topics to build community, share projects, and support using the blockchain to invest and grow wealth:

Looking for Individual or group coaching / training on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

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Launch of our Indiegogo Crowd Funding campaign

We have just launched our Indiegogo Campaign live for our Auspicious Blockchain – Africa / Developing World crowd funding campaign for “Black Friday” (first shopping day after US Thanksgiving).

Please help to support us by funding (as little as $10 SGD / $7 USD), sharing, liking / following, and telling others about our campaign. Every contribution (especially in the first 24 hours) helps to boost the visibility and momentum / ranking of our Indiegogo campaign and helps us to achieve our funding goals for the campaign. We appreciate your support!

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Come and visit our new Web Site at !

Blockchain Webinar with the African Diaspora Growing Wealth Group

We had a great session introducing Blockchain to the African Diaspora this weekend, and introducing how Bitcoin & Blockchain also help Africa and the Developing World. (At the end I also introduce the Singapore based African Diaspora Investment Funding Platform Blockchain Start-up I am currently launching).

If you want to see the Africa focused part, start here –

If you want to watch the whole session you can start from the beginning –

Playback is (SD quality), for a higher quality HD playback you can view it here –

The Wakanda Blockhain and CryptoCurrency MeetUp – Singapore

Screenshot 2019-07-14 at 10.23.57 PM.png

The purpose of the Meet-up is to connect those in the African Diaspora, Africa, and friends of Africa. We will be connecting and educating about the Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Blockchain projects. Our focus will be to contribute to the economic empowerment and development of projects, connections, and investment opportunities for the African Diaspora and Africa creating a “Digital Wakanda”.

Activities will include sharing sessions to learn the basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, sharing by leaders of projects and communities, as well as countries using these technologies. We will look for investment opportunities and opportunities to connect the African Diaspora here in Singapore. So our three key focuses will be:

1. Education
2. Community
3. Investment

We look forward to meeting you and to an energetic exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as community building.  Skype attendees are also accepted by request.

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