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I am launching my new “Auspicious Blockchain” channel on Vimeo, to share videos and content to teach about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Assets. You can see it here – . Videos are in a short and entertaining white board animation format. Also, appreciate feedback on the new channel format and topics of interest. Blockchain DigitalAssets Bitcoin #Vimeo Screenshot 2019-08-10 at 3.10.30 PM ———————————- If You enjoy Auspicious Agile & Blockchain you can support the video blogs on Patreon  – Also support Auspicious Agile by shopping on Amazon using the link below!  My new book on Distributed Agile (Get it on Amazon)  Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Wallet (Get it on Amazon) Nintendo Switch (Get it on Amazon) Cryptocurrency Exchange Referral Links: Coinbase Referral Link – (using this link will give you a $10 sign up bonus) Binance Referral Link – Auspicious Agile Bitcoin (BTC) Donations Address: 1Ed53uensLDLfsbhRzSCczp17JGqViLUgs Auspicious Agile Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Donation Address: qzhsq3g5y5g0ufdcc8n0yqmw3weqmayp0gfcv9sltp Auspicious Agile Litecoin Donation Address: LX9Bep7FRJnbfVC82Gfb3HdVRzREKWqRwx Auspicious Agile Ethereum Donation Address: 0xf17FeE4b64A044E93A65061662BECABb045F3074
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