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Sticky Notes from the Agile Scaling Tour

“Sticky Notes” from my recent Agile Scaling Speaking Tour covering Agile Scaling Methods (SAFE, LESS, DAD, Spotify, SOS, Nexus).  ThisContinue reading “Sticky Notes from the Agile Scaling Tour”

Agile & DevOps. How are they related?

Bitcoin (BTC) Donations Address: 1Ed53uensLDLfsbhRzSCczp17JGqViLUgs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Donation Address: qzhsq3g5y5g0ufdcc8n0yqmw3weqmayp0gfcv9sltp Litecoin Donation Address: LX9Bep7FRJnbfVC82Gfb3HdVRzREKWqRwx Ethereum Donation Address: 0xf17FeE4b64A044E93A65061662BECABb045F3074 IfContinue reading “Agile & DevOps. How are they related?”

Agile Scaling – Scrum-of-Scrums and Nexus

If You enjoy Auspicious Agile you can support us on Patreon – Also support Auspicious Agile by shopping onContinue reading “Agile Scaling – Scrum-of-Scrums and Nexus”

Pointers on Enterprise Agile Transformation

Hi All, This week I want to discuss some pointers to being successful with Enterprise Agile from my experience: ProgramContinue reading “Pointers on Enterprise Agile Transformation”

The Best Agile Manager I Ever Worked For

As we continue to explore Agile leadership, today I want to talk about the best Agile Manager that I everContinue reading “The Best Agile Manager I Ever Worked For”

To Lead is Agile

Attending the Scrum Alliance Regional Scrum Gathering in Shanghai ( this week the opening Key Note by Harvey Wheaton fromContinue reading “To Lead is Agile”

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