Agile Scaling – Scrum-of-Scrums and Nexus

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2 comments on “Agile Scaling – Scrum-of-Scrums and Nexus
  1. Hey Dear, Thank you for sharing this article. Very informative blog with great information 🙂 you’ve captured the key concepts on Scaling Agile and Scrum I really like the way you compose the article. I agree that Scrum and Agile process on the environment of major products. . I wanted to share this link you could find Some other great resources include:

    • jokoro12 says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for providing this interesting video link. It looks like the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) is created by Scrum Study? It appears to include aspects of Scrum and some principles from PMBOK / project management. Is that correct?

      Best Regards,

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