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Agile 101

This video introduces you to the basics of Agile: where it came from, what it is used for, what areContinue reading “Agile 101”

SAFE vis-a-vis LESS Update Plus More Agile Scaling Methods

—————— If You enjoy Auspicious Agile you can support us on Patreon – Also support Auspicious Agile by shoppingContinue reading “SAFE vis-a-vis LESS Update Plus More Agile Scaling Methods”

Agile Scaling – SAFE vs LESS (Video Blog)

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Kanban as an Agile Method (video blog)

—————————- Support Auspicious Agile by shopping on Amazon using the links below! Useful reference – the definitive work onContinue reading “Kanban as an Agile Method (video blog)”

An Agile Start to the New Year

Hello and Happy New Year!  In looking forward to the New Year, setting goals, and making resolutions here are someContinue reading “An Agile Start to the New Year”

Budgeting for Agile Projects and Initiatives

How do we budget for Agile Projects?  This Auspicious Agile ( video blog entry talks about some techniques that canContinue reading “Budgeting for Agile Projects and Initiatives”

Welcome to Auspicious Agile

Auspicious Agile is all about using Agile successfully in the Enterprise, in business, as a leader and adapting Agile methodsContinue reading “Welcome to Auspicious Agile”

Why Should I use a Framework to Scale Agile?

In my career and that of many Agile coaches and consultants that I have worked with scaling of Agile toContinue reading “Why Should I use a Framework to Scale Agile?”

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