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Our next live Wakanda Blockchain and Crypto currency MeetUp is Scheduled, this live MeetUp will feature Oduwacoin (Pan-African and African owned crypto currency), and also a crypto market update by Azuka, Sanjay and I looking at the latest developments of interest to Africa / Diaspora in the Bitcoin and Crypto market.

Wakanda Blockchain and CryptoCurrency MeetUp.

Some quick updates, Bitcoin and the crypto market have started another upward (bullish) move in the past week. Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) both have major upgrades planned this month that have potential to push prices up significantly in the overall crypto market. Hope to see you at this week’s MeetUp:

The MeetUp will be on Friday August 6th at 11pm Singapore, 4pm UK, 11am US EST (on-line / virtual).


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