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Auspicious Agile has reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube! Thanks to all of our subscribers! Coming up our next video blog is planned to cover trends in Agile, DevOps, and Business Agility for 2019. So look out for that video soon. Again, thanks for helping us to reach 1000 subscribers, and looking forward to continuing to provide you with great content, and continuing to grow the channel. Stay Agile! 1000 Subscribers ———————————- If You enjoy Auspicious Agile & Blockchain you can support the video blogs on Patreon  – Also support Auspicious Agile by shopping on Amazon using the link below!  My new book on Distributed Agile (Get it on Amazon)  Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Wallet (Get it on Amazon) Nintendo Switch (Get it on Amazon) Cryptocurrency Exchange Referral Links: Coinbase Referral Link – (using this link will give you a $10 sign up bonus) Binance Referral Link – Auspicious Agile Bitcoin (BTC) Donations Address: 1Ed53uensLDLfsbhRzSCczp17JGqViLUgs Auspicious Agile Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Donation Address: qzhsq3g5y5g0ufdcc8n0yqmw3weqmayp0gfcv9sltp Auspicious Agile Litecoin Donation Address: LX9Bep7FRJnbfVC82Gfb3HdVRzREKWqRwx Auspicious Agile Ethereum Donation Address: 0xf17FeE4b64A044E93A65061662BECABb045F3074