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Our Guide To Distributed Agile Framework eBook has Been Published on Amazon!

Our new Guide to Distributed Agile Framework eBook has just been published on Amazon!  We appreciate your support and feedback!  Our team has been working on the book for ~2 years now, and we are proud to present the product of this effort. We hope it helps many people to be more successful with Agile and distributed Agile teams.


Distributed teams are the norm for many organisations today. Companies are global, communications technologies allow people to live away from the “office” location and many of the new workforce are nomads. Even though most people will acknowledge the wisdom that collocated work is easier, reality is often different. Companies distribute their offices and partners globally and people running projects need to find ways to collaborate remotely. With the advent of new technology, this movement will only grow.

We as authors have experienced the challenges of distribution. Cultural, time zone and geographical distance, make collaboration more challenging.


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