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Overview of Singapore Global Scrum Gathering 2017

I attended and spoke at the #SGSIN Singapore Global Scrum Gathering 2017 this week.  It was a really good conference, and I enjoyed taking part in it.  Special thanks to the organizers and Scrum Alliance.  I will be giving a summary of my talks at the Scrum Gathering along with some video clips, and playlists of the talks.  I will also include some other noteworthy talks and events at the Scrum Gathering from my perspective.

One of my talks during the conference was on Agile and The Design Sprint, and was a talk explaining how Design Sprints connect Agile and Design Thinking.  I discussed experiences and experiments I have been involved in using different variations of the Design Sprint concept, particularly the Google Ventures variation defined in the book Sprint (Amazon Affiliate link).  Here are some of the highlights from that 20 minute talk:

The Auspicious Agile video blog on Agile and The Design Sprint can be found here.  The Youtube playlist that has video of the entire 20 minute session can be found here.

My other talk at the Singapore Global Scrum Gathering 2017 was on Distributed Agile Scaling and Leadership.  I shared on some of the work I have been collaborating on with three others in this area that is available for review and feedback in Gitbook format currently.  Here are some video clips from the session:

For those who would like to watch the full 45 minute Singapore Global Scrum Gathering session the YouTube playlist can be found here.

There were also many other great talks and sessions during the conference.  Here are some that I thought were interesting and noteworthy:

There was an impromptu Open Space Agility session with Daniel Mezick, which was quite informative and entertaining.  You can learn more about Open Space Agility (which was used to facilitate our Tuesday Open Space sessions for the conference) here.

DanielMezick Open Space

Thomas Friend had an informative look at how NASA uses Agile methods, and also gave some good clarification on the Agile Joint Strike Fighter (SAAB Gripen).


Pete Behrens talk on Agile Leadership, and mistakes commonly made in Agile Leadership was also particularly informative.  I particularly enjoyed this talk as well because I believe leadership is a critical element in the successful adoption of Agile and Scrum.

If you want to see the materials for these presentations and others they should be made available here.  Of course a great part of every Global Scrum Gathering is getting to catch-up with new and old friends.  This conference was no exception:

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