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The best place for updated News and Content on
Agile and Blockchain Services

The best place for updated News and Content on
Agile and Blockchain Services

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Auspicious agile

About Us

Welcome to the Auspicious Agile Website. A child company of Auspicious Agile & Blockchain Pte Ltd. 

At Auspicious Agile offer our clients with industry leading Scaled Agile and IC Agile certification, blockchain training courses, and expert blog posts.

The focus of our parent company “Auspicious Agile & Blockchain Pte Ltd” (a Singapore based FinTech Company) is Digital transformation and financial inclusion for Africa, African Diaspora and developing markets.

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Auspicious agile and blockchain

Launch Of Blockchain Betty Course

Cryptocurrencies are systems that allow for secure payments online which are denominated in terms of virtual “tokens,” which are represented by ledger entries internal to the system.....

Auspicious agile

February 9th SAFe Meetup

This month’s MeetUp covered SAFe Portfolio and Agile Finance / Budgeting. An interesting topic that many of us encounter during the course of Agile initiatives and Scaled Agile engagements.

Auspicious agile and blockchain

State Of Agile 2020

This week’s Auspicious Agile video blog takes a look at the VersionOne – Collabnet State of Agile Report for 2020. Lot’s of interesting developments. SAFe and Scrum continue to dominate Agile Scaling .....

Auspicious Agile & Blockchain Classes

Blockchain Betty Course

A Paradigm shift is taking place in today’s market and everything is becoming digitalized. Blockchain technology will soon be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The entire way we transact financially is changing and will be changed remove fees on financial transactions.

Agile Certifications

We deliver all Scaled Agile Framework Certification classes, with our partners, in public and private sectors in a virtual Class. Click on view courses tab to select what’s best for you

Wakanda Blockchain

The purpose of the Meet-up is to connect those in the African Diaspora, Africa, and friends of Africa. We will be connecting and educating about the Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Blockchain projects. 

Blockchain Offerings

For more information on our FinTech blockchain offerings check out

Our Auspicious Blockchain – ScanPay Africa Crowd Funding platform was featured as part of the recent Wakanda Blockchain and Cryptocurrency MeetUp

Training And Coaching Team

Auspicious agile

Founder “Auspicious Agile & Blockchain”  • Creator of Auspicious Agile & Blockchain expert blogs, Digital Trainings, Conference Speaker, InfoQ contributor and author  • 13+ years of expertise in Agile, Digital transformation, and related methods, as well as 4+ years in the Blockchain space  • Started career with Accenture as an executive in the US Financial Services Consulting Practice 

John Okoro

CEO & agile coach
Auspicious agile and blockchain

I am a seasoned Agile Coach with extensive experience in coaching senior executives and leadership teams with their transformation journey across the organisation. With more than 12 years of experience in Agile ways of working, including agile implementation, transformational change, organisational strategy and its execution.


agile coach
Auspicious agile

Ola is a Passionate Lean-Agile leader and SPCT at Scaled Agile.  Ola is an active contributor to the development of the framework  and the global community. Ola has 15 years of experience to set 

up and run Scaled Agile implementations in challenging  international environments. 


senior lean transformation advisor
Auspicious agile

Dr. Koti is Author “Pragmatic Agility“ and  awarded with the Indian Achiever’s Award  2020 for Excellence in EduTec.experience around 20+ years which includes managing large scale  transformations at Primavera Inc., Oracle, UnitedHealth Group and United  Technologies. He has worked on various domains like ERP, health care,  banking, and manufacturing. 


safe transformation advisor



Su Ming Koh
Business Analytics Specialist

John is by far the best Agile guru out there I've ever met. Not one to just hand you textbook definition of Agile, but working with teams of different size and composition and actually making Agile work and worthwhile. Thanks John


Arlenne Poloni
Sales and Operations Manager
Wine Monger

John and I worked together in Rally's new Singapore office to build the Agile business in the Asia region. John worked hard to successfully get the new services business, including coaching, training and all certifications, up and running in the region. His extensive knowledge and experience of Agile practices were invaluable as we worked to develop contacts with prospects across Asia. His intangible coaching skills and positive attitude make him a natural leader and a great fit for any organization looking to implement Agile practices and bring real change


Aaron Lim
Co-Founder & CEO

I attended many of John's agile trainings and coaching sessions while at GIC as both an individual as well as part of a team. He was effective in getting both technologists and business users interested in, familiar with, and up to speed on agile methodologies and the equivalent mindsets, which is no easy task in a large enterprise whose core competency isn't technology. His sessions were not just informative, but also entertaining and engaging with many hands-on exercises and mini projects to reinforce the theory

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