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Agile, DevOps and Blockchain Conference Season

For the past few months it has been conference season for me.  I have had multiple speaking engagements on the topics of Agile, DevOps and Blockchain for Singapore to Hong Kong and Thailand.  In today’s post I am going to share some of my favorite moments and photos from this nearly completed “Conference Season”.  I hope you enjoy, and that there are some though provoking nuggets as well.

Hubbis Digital Wealth Management Conference – Hong Kong

At this conference I spoke about “The 4 Waves of Agile”, DevOps and I touched on Blockchain as part of the “4th Wave” – Digital Innovation.  Digital Assets (cryptocurrencies) were a pretty big topic of discussion. Here is a highlight video from the conference:

Hubbis Digital Wealth Management Conference Hong Kong Highlights.  My comments start around ~minute 3.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 4.27.39 PM

Blockchain Day Singapore

This was a great opportunity to share and network with blockchain enthusiasts in Singapore.  Below is the link to the Youtube playlist from my talk “Blockchain the Road Ahead” where I discuss the history, present and future of the blockchain, and why it matters.

DevOps 2018 Singapore

I participated in a Panel on “the DevOps Talent Pipeline” discussing DevOps talent and careers.  This was an interesting panel.  I was joined by several other participants from large companies that are running DevOps Initiatives.

I also presented a talk – “The Culture Change of Agile & DevOps”.  One of the highlights was a “Thought Exercise” I did with the audience on why Agile & DevOps need to work together.  Video clip below:

Here is a link to the full playlist from the DevOps 2018 Singapore Conference in Singapore.

Agile Tour Bangkok – Thailand

This is always a fun conference.  This is my third time speaking at the conference.  Thanks to Agile66 who organized the conference and took pictures and video.  My talk at the conference was titled “The 4 Waves of Agile & DevOps”.   The talk really focuses on how Agile and DevOps work together (a repeating theme this season) and also on the “4 Waves of Agile”.  Unfortunately, some of the video on the “4 Waves of Agile” was clipped from the beginning of the video.

More photos from the conference can be found on the Auspicious Agile Facebook page.

I also spoke at the Knowledge Hut Testing Automation Conference.  I spoke about “The Culture Change of DevOps and Test Automation”.


I also had a few more Agile, DevOps and Blockchain speaking engagements in the past few months.  You can find them of my YouTube Channel, and pictures + videos on the Auspicious Agile Facebook page.

Until next time – Stay Agile!


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